M2 - Web Service Modernizer

M2 provides the premium methods to modernize legacy web services with on-the-fly pipeline technique.

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WineSOFT provides two solutions.

We provide STON Edge Server, a high-performance caching engine, as well as M2, the solution for modernizing eCommerce and enterprise-graded web services based on no-code mechanism.

Batch Always Fails!

The reasons for on-the-fly mechanism when facing complicated IT problems. No-Batch!

Why M2

Business structures and technologies evolve with its on-going success. In order to focus and adapt to your core business in an ever-changing IT environment, on-the-fly pipeline platform M2 is the optimal solution.

Focus on your core business

Unnecessary excessive resource usages outside of your core business must come to an end.


Reduce the complexity level of your services

Misusing numerous solutions suggesting extra services in SaaS or Cloud may also contain needless complications to your business.


Integrate your business to an full-on-going service now

Outsourced SI development for improving your business is costly and time-consuming.


Possible to sort out right away

As time runs out, your service state turns to be more complicated while using unapproved and under-developed technologies.


Increase your productivity

Adopting hyped IT technologies doesn’t guarantee your productivity and may result loss.


Suitable solution is essential

A precise answer must be suggested to the measurement of your business problems.

Key Concepts

We focus on solving numerous problems encountered in the batch method through using the 'on-the-fly' pipeline technique. M2 maintains legacy environments to modern architecture in real time.

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Function Chaining

You can utilize the usability of options through consecutively combining desired functions with function chaining mechanism.

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Plug-in Modules

Needed functions can be used selectively with plug-in method.

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Event-driven Architecture

On-the-fly processing based on the request from end-users, systems, and APIs.

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Solution in design with patterns

Many improbable business problems can be patterned as they may seem. M2 finds the commonalities of many problems and reflects the answer into solutions as patterns.

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Possible to apply instantly

M2 is able to apply the solution through utilizing Transparent Layer, minimizing changes in the customer's infrastructure environment.

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No-code, Codeless

Source code modifications are hazards when applying a solution. M2 can reduce the development burdens as much as possible.

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Component selection based moderate cost

Capable of selecting the functions required whenever necessary with also being able to add more subsequently.
Component Front-end Optimizer Image Suite eCommerce Suite
Essential components
Core, caching, and proxy engine
M2 Core Engine
M2RT(Caching Engine)
Content Gateway
Basic Tech Support
Selective components
eCommerce front acceleration
Front-end Optimizer
On-the-fly image manipulation tool
Image Reformer Standard / Premium
Image Builder Standard/Premium Add-on available
Image Reformer/Builder Adapter (Lv1, Lv2) Add-on available Add-on available
Web service, web page modernization
Migration Gateway Add-on available
Mixed Content Fixer Add-on available
Page Beautify
Page Modernizer (Product description)
Back-end Pipeline Custom Add-on available
Media Optimization
On-the-fly Media Engine Add-on available
eCommerce Media Engine Add-on available
Airline service optimization
General PSS Optimizer
Navitaire Optimizer
Managed service (operation and development customization)
Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Available Available Available
CDN Connect
Service in association with CDN providers Available Available Available

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M2 and STON store additional proved functions to assist your further service needs.

We also provide customized development for your service.

Smart API acceleration
Content Routing
SSL On-loading
Backup pipeline
Live DRM
Live Authentication
Video Trimming
O4O API (Web to API)
Live Thumbnail
Animated GIF & MP4
Origin Server Protection
Content Distribution

Online Manual

Check out the specifications of M2 and STON in on-line manual.


Pricing Policy

Monthly billing based on the quantity of used vCPUs.

vCPU 4vCPU Unit

vCPU counts per month


Managed Service


Scale-out License Policy

1 month free PoC

Selected components and vCPU quantity

The total price is determined on the number of vCPUs and selected components.

Managed Service

Operations and development support make your services more abundant and efficient.

Scale-out Response

Scale-out license provides more suitable cost for applying the solution to your service


WineSOFT grows with your business

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Uppermost clients in each field are optimizing their services through Winesoft's STON and M2 solutions.